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Dallas Texas Termite - Bedbug - Turf - Wildlife Control Services

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 1915 N. Haskell Ave Dallas, Texas 75204


Termite Control service of Northeast Texas - Kaufman - Collin - Hunt - Rockwall - Tarrant - Dallas


The best company in the area for termite removal

We like to think that we are the best company in the Northeast area of Texas. We actually live in the community we service.

If you have termites and need them removed it might be best to have us do an inspection first! Our goal is to treat the structure and solve your problem.

People call us when there is a swarm - sometimes that swarm is even inside the kitchen!

Termites often follow sources of water which means you could have other issues as well. Our trained professionals will go over everything, and offer you a real solution, not just a band-aid.