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Animal damage Repairs and preventative repairs - Northeast Texas - Kaufman - Collin - Hunt - Rockwall - Tarrant - Dallas

Once we get rid of the animals causing the noise and destruction problem we need to repair the hole that they leave behind! This will help prevent new problems from occurring in the future. Now obviously, you’re not going to have a herd of elephants move in next but without the repair work your probably going to have something move into the hole soon!

People ask, “why not just have a handyman fix it?” And the answer is always the same - because he has no experience with animals or animal behavior. It was a skilled carpenter that built it the first time. A roofer makes a roof to last and to keep water out, not bats or squirrels!

While no structure is 100% impossible to guarantee critter free for life, our repair work is as good as it gets - we do stand behind our work and you will be glad you called us! See you soon!

Why do prevention and repair work?